Peter Moody                                                                   Monochrome Photography

Broken Gate


I only work in Monochrome, and have done so for the past 45 years.

My Work

Mainly consists of Landscape and Water, although the odd Architectural Scene crops up now and again. I also like Church Interiors, and rarely use anything other than the natural available light .

Please browse through my website, and I also have a Table at the Corn Hall in Cirencester on the first Saturday of the month.

If you see anything you like I will be pleased to supply you with a copy. 

Prices are listed below. I prefer to send photographs through the post by Recorded Delivery. This costs a little extra, but usually means a quicker and safer delivery.

Page 1  Landscape photos

Page 2  Water related photos, and 

Page 3   Architectural, Interior and other types of photos

My prints are on A3 Archival Paper, mounted on Archival Card measuring 50cm x 40cm (20x16 in old money)

I have been asked if I do any larger prints, and would be pleased to discuss the possibility for a specific image.

I have also been impressed with the feedback that I have been getting from prospective purchasers, inasmuch as that the sepia toned image catches the eye, and these favourable comments have led me to re appraise my images, and to reprint some of them, so that I can offer both to my clientele to make their own decision which they prefer.

I have recently produced a few Triptych's which have received favourable comments.

Would any prospective client who wishes to phone me, please e-mail first with their name and phone number, so that I may add them to my Phone Call List


I approach my work with a view to making sure that the highlights are easily printed, and that the shadow areas also have detail in them. Most of my images have been taken using Film Cameras, and I have developed my films to obtain highlight and shadow detail with very little burning in or dodging the print.  However Times have changed, and the digital revolution has meant that to try and reproduce the images that are for sale, they have been scanned onto my computer, so that my pictures can easily be recreated time and again onto Archival Paper for longevity. 

Price list

A3  Unmounted Prints          £10.00
A3 Mounted Prints  from       £30.00
Prints in 50 x 40cm Frames £50.00
I prefer to sell my prints as Mounted Prints,as this allows you to have them placed in a frame of your own choice.